Orange Hall Renovation Status

Background: Orange Hall has had many owners and many lives. The years and hurricanes have taken a toll on the structure.

Current Condition: The building has serious structural issues, so the City of St. Marys has determined it is unsafe for visitors. Therefore, in April 2018 everything was removed from the building, and it sits empty awaiting renovation. In addition to the structural issues, Hurricane Irma did significant water damage.  Although infrastructure services have been addressed over the years, electrical, plumbing, interior floors, interior staircases, HVAC, security systems, fire detection and suppression all need to be upgraded.
All this work needs to be addressed before the building can once again be opened to the public.

This essential work requires extensive investment of time and resources by the City of St. Marys. No specific date has been established as a target to reopen; however, the contractor is expected to begin structural stabilization August 1, 2019.

Future: Restoration of Orange Hall will be on a phased approach with work on interior infrastructure to follow structural repairs.