Airport Relocation

Project/Issue Status (Updated: 6/19/2013)
On February 4, 2013 the City Council adopted a resolution indicating the City Council support for initiatives related to locating a Spaceport in Camden County.  As part of the resolution, contact was made with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Georgia Department of Transportation advising them "that due to the emerging spaceport opportunity that the current Woodbine airport relocation site be deferred and needed studies be expedited and funded to confirm the viability of the proposed combined airport/spaceport (Spaceport Georgia) and if confirmed that funds to relocate the St. Mary's Airport to the Woodbine site be redirected to the proposed airport/spaceport site on Harriet's Bluff Road."  Additionally the resolution states that the city should participate with other specified entities "to study and validate the proposed airport/spaceport (Spaceport Georgia)."  Consistent with the resolution, no further action is being taken by the city regarding the relocation of the existing airport to the Woodbine location.

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