Airport Feasibility Study

The City of St. Marys has embarked upon a project to assess the feasibility of relocating the St. Marys Airport, in addition to selecting a potential site for development. Since the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, flights operating into and out of the St. Marys Airport have been restricted due to the prohibited airspace surrounding the Kings Bay Naval Base. These restrictions have caused decreased business at the Airport, and will prevent the Airport from effectively fulfilling its' role in the State and National Aviation System plans.

The purpose of this is to provide information to the public concerning the process to prepare the Airport Feasibility & Site Selection Study. 

Consultant Team Members

The Airport Feasibility & Site Selection Study is being prepared by Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc., of Jacksonville, Florida.

Other team members include:
  • Diana Hunt & Associates, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Privett & Associates, St. Marys, Georgia
  • Willmer Engineering, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
  • Ken Weeden & Associates, Inc., Wilmington, North Carolina


Public Involvement

Throughout the process of preparing an Airport Feasibility & Site Selection Study, the public involvement portion of the project will foster information-sharing and collaboration between interested Airport users and tenants, elected and appointed public officials, the general public, and other interested constituencies. Collectively, these various groups form the stakeholders who have a vested interest in the outcome of the study effort. The public involvement program will provide stakeholders an opportunity to be heard and express views concerning the conduct and outcomes of the study, in addition to providing a forum, both formal and informal, for an exchange of information throughout the study.

The public involvement program includes the creation of two (2) separate advisory committees: the Community Advisory Committee and Technical Advisory Committee. The Community Advisory Committee will be comprised of elected officials, business leaders and other representatives of local governmental units who can provide insight and guidance to the consultant's concerning political and policy directed issues relating to relocating the Airport. The Technical Advisory Committee will be comprised of representatives of local government planning staff, federal and state aviation officials, airport tenants and users, and other stakeholders who have an interest and expertise in the technical issues pertaining to airport development. A public information workshop will also be held during the project to seek input from the community at large.

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