Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pay a ticket online?
  • You can use the online portal by clicking here.
My ticket doesn't appear when I search for it on the payment website.
  • Citations take a few days to be processed. Keep checking the website.
  • If your court date is approaching and you still cannot find your information on the website, call the Clerk of the Court at 510-4000 Aden use option #7.
If I pay my ticket, do I have to go to court?
  • Generally, no. Paying the appropriate fine excuses you from appearing in person.
  • There are some offenses that require a mandatory court appearance. The requirement to appear in person may be written on the bottom of the citation. If you  must appear in person, the website will not allow you to pay the fine online.
When do I have to pay my fine?
  • Fines must be paid no later than 5:00 pm on the court date assigned to you.


Is there a dress code for court?
  • There is no official dress code to appear in the City of St. Marys Municipal Court.
  • We suggest you dress modestly avoiding clothing that may be deemed offensive such as t-shirts with graphic designs containing profanity or promoting drug activity. Men are not allowed to wear hats of any kind.
What do I do when I get to court?
  • If you are appearing before the Court, there is a sign up list at the entrance to the courtroom. Our Judge handles cases on a first come first served basis so it pays to be early or at least on time.
  • Guests may join you (subject to occupancy restrictions due to Covid-19).
  • Anyone entering the courtroom will be searched by a police officer using a metal detector.
What's not allowed in the courtroom?
  • Backpacks, purses, and handbags.
  • Cell phones.
  • Weapons.
What do I do when I am in the courtroom?
  • Remain quiet while the judge hears other cases.
  • When your case is called, you will approach the lectern in front of the judge. You will be sworn in by the Chief Bailiff.
  • The judge will review your constitutional rights.
  • You will enter a plea(s) of guilty, not guilty, or nolo contendere (no contest).
    • If you plead guilty or no contest to the charge(s), the Judge will impose the appropriate fine.
    • If you plead not guilty, the Judge will set your case for trial at a later date.

Ride Alongs

Can I ride along with a police officer on patrol?
  • We do offer ride alongs on a limited basis.
  • Contact Lt. Nichols at (912) 882-4488 to receive a ride along application.

Background Checks

How do I get a background check?
  • Background check forms are available at the Police Department located at 563 Point Peter Road.
  • Each background check costs $20.00.

How do I become a police officer?

  • Click here to find out what it takes to be a police officer in Georgia.