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Guide to Flood Hazards and How to Stay Safe
For FEMA Map Services other Flood Resources click here.
Visit FloodSmart.gov - Official Site of National Flood Insurance Program 

Georgia Flood Map Program
If you would like to learn about your flood risk, flood insurance, floodplain regulations, or contact a floodplain official, the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has a great website with all that information. Click here for the website.


Stay Connected - Evacuation Information

Travelers can dial 5-1-1,  -  1 (877) MY-GA-511  -  (694-2511) or use the following resources to receive free travel information.  In the event of an evacuation, message boards will be setup to alert motorists about exit ramp closures/openings as well as locations for gas, food, etc.  Signs will alert the public to selected FM radio stations for weather and traffic updates.  If necessary, Georgia DOT HEROs will patrol the interstates to assist motorists and respond quickly to accidents and disabled vehicles.

Hurricane Prep Tips from ready.gov