Main Street


The Main Street Approach

Organization involves building a Main Street framework that is well reprsketch1esented and provides the ability to maintain a long-term effort. 

Design involves enhancing the physical vitality of the business district and the potential to attract and keep customers, tenants and investors.

Economic Restructuring involves improving the competitiveness of Main Street’s traditional merchants, creatively converting vacant space to new uses, and recruiting new complimentary businesses.

Promotion creates excitement and encourages consumer traffic in the downtown sketch2through street festivals, parades, retail events, tourism and image development campaigns.

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Downtown St. Marys needs volunteers to help keep it GREAT!
Interested in volunteering Downtown? We have opportunities for citizens and business owners, etc. (i.e.: YOU!) Volunteer opportunities range from special events or festivals, to advisory committees, or Boards of Directors.
Please contact us soon at or 912-882-8111.