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Zoning Changes Draft

As the One St. Marys Master Plan project nears completion, the first draft of the Zoning Changes is ready for public review. This initial draft introduces many of the recommended changes from the One St. Marys Master Plan, including:

  • Residential Districts
    • Smaller lots with reduced setbacks
  • Downtown Area
    • Form-based design elements
  • Commercial & Office Districts
    • Design standards & minimum lot widths and curb cuts
    • Office district with Town Homes & Multi-Family as special permit
  • Industrial Districts
    • Move heavy uses from light industrial district
  • Delete Unnecessary Districts
  • Add New Uses
  • Address How Special Permit Uses Handled
  • Revise Administrative Section
    • Site Plan Review
    • Administrative Review
    • Application Requirements
    • Nonconformities
    • Zoning and Hearing Procedures
    • Variances
    • Relief Options and Appeals and Enforcement
  • Increase Readability & Function

Please have a thorough review of these changes, by clicking here, as these are the first significant changes in twenty years to the St. Marys Zoning Ordinance. The City hosted a series of land use workshops during the Master Plan process, where these changes were generated and discussed. The City will continue these conversations in a series of Public Work Shops and Work Sessions prior to the Public Review process.

The first Public Work Shop will be held at 10AM, Friday, May 12, 2017, at St. Marys United Methodist Church’s Bailey Hall, 106 E. Conyers St. All are welcome to attend and for those who can’t make and who have questions or comments, please contact

The Draft is in!

The New St. Marys Zoning Ordinance Draft is now available for your review and consideration. The City of St. Marys will hold a series of Public Workshops to explain the proposed changes and gather feedback on the new draft. The first workshop will focus on the zoning ordinance, while the afternoon session will zoom-in to the proposed downtown Form-Based. Please stay involved by attending the Workshops or providing your questions and comments via email, phone or social media, to the St. Marys Community Development Department.

Zoning Workshop
Friday , May 12
10AM to Noon
St. Marys United Methodist Church
Bailey Hall
106 East Conyers Street

Downtown Form-Based Code Workshop
Friday, May 12
2 to 4PM
St. Marys United Methodist Church
Bailey Hall
106 East Conyers Street
Find us at or

One St. Marys Master Plan before the Planning Commission on Tuesday, April 26th