Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation, according to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (revised 2016), includes the identification, evaluation, recordation, documentation, curation, acquisition, protection, management, rehabilitation, restoration, stabilization, maintenance, research, interpretation, conservation, and education and training regarding the foregoing activities or a combination of the foregoing activities.

In the City of St. Marys, the Historic Preservation Commission works to preserve the historic, cultural, and architectural resources found in the City's Historic District. Along with the commission, the City is part of the Certified Local Government Program and Main Street Program, both of which seek to preserve historic resources while encouraging economic revitalization and development in historic downtown areas. 

The City of St. Marys contains a single National Register of Historic Places listed Historic District known as the St. Marys Historic District. The City owned historic house, Orange Hall is also individually listed on the National Register.