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One St. Marys Master Plan Materials Available

Joint Comprehensive Plan Workshop

As the Joint Comprehensive Plan Update begins, representatives from Camden County, Kingland, St. Marys and Woodbine held a Workshop last week to discuss the project timeline, goals and possible impacts. In light of the recent St. Marys Sea Rise Study, representatives worked at the table-level to discuss future growth and the constraints impacting that growth. Lupita McClenning, of the Coastal Regional Commission was on hand to lead a discussion on the Joint Comprehensive Plan Stakeholder work sessions and a review of the feedback already garnered from those sessions. Maps from the various jurisdictions can be found below along with the presentation materials. You can stay engaged in the Joint Comprehensive Plan Project by following the posts or connect with the Community Development happenings on our Facebook feed.

Joint Comprehensive Plan & Resiliency Workshop Presentation, Adams
Growth Trends & Population Projections for Camden County, Kessler
Joint Comprehensive Plan Kick-Off Packet
Constraints & Growth Map of Camden County
Constraints & Growth Map of Kingsland
Constraints & Growth Map of St. Marys
Constraints & Growth Map of Woodbine

St. Marys Sea Rise Report

Dr. Jason Evans and many of the authors and researchers that were part of the St. Marys Flood Resiliency Project were in town to present their findings from a three year study on the rising risks of flooding associated with sea rise, before the St. Marys City Council. The project has been a collaboration of the City, with Georgia Sea Grant, Stetson University and North Carolina Sea Grant, and began with a series of stakeholder interviews, town hall public meetings and facilitated discussion sessions to form the heart of an innovative Vulnerability, Consequences and Adaptation Planning Scenarios(VCAPS) structural modeling approach. Results from the VCAPS process were then used to inform a series of custom geo-spatial vulnerability assessments that analyzed current and future flood risks to property and infrastructure under different sea-level rise scenarios.  The Final Report, detailing the finding and recommendations, from the technical sea-rise projections to the Community Rating System work, can be found below.

Sea Rise Resiliency Report

Downtown Form-Based Code Workshop

The Downtown area, that area just north and south of the rail-road tracks, down to the waterfront, is being proposed as an area that will function under a Form-Based Code. The area will be divided into sub-districts that will emphasize the forms, more than the uses of the buildings. The presentation, proposed DRAFT map of the Downtown Districts, and Article 5, from Beaufort, South Carolina’s Form-Based Code, can be found below. The Beaufort Code is provided as an example of how Form-Based Code functions, in a similar setting and can provided St. Marys a framework for discussion.

Downtown Form-Based Code Workshop Presentation
Proposed DRAFT Downtown Form-Based District Map

Beaufort, SC, Article 5 Supplement to Zones Example

Zoning Changes Workshop

St. Marys citizens were treated to two days of zoning work sessions and workshops last week, with an overview of the proposed zoning changes, by Connie Cooper, of Cooper Consulting, the City’s zoning consultant. The workshops touched on the major changes expected and held a special session simply focused on the downtown form-based code area. The materials for those workshops can be found below.

One St. Marys Master Plan & Zoning Changes


Tuesday, April 25, 2017
5:30 PM: One St. Marys Master Plan
Planning Commission, at Council Chambers, St. Marys City Hall


Thursday, May 11, 2017
2:00 PM: Zoning Changes Joint Work Session
Council Chambers, St. Marys City Hall

Friday, May 12, 2017
10:00 AM: Zoning Changes Public Work Shop
Bailey Hall, St. Marys United Methodist Church, 106 E. Conyers St.
2:00 PM: Downtown Form-Based Code Public Work Shop
Bailey Hall, St. Marys United Methodist Church, 106 E. Conyers St.

Monday, May 15, 2017
1:00 PM: Joint Comprehensive Plan & Resiliency Workshop
PSA Meeting Room, 1050 Wildcat Dr., Kingsland, GA
6:00 PM: Sea Rise Resiliency Report
Before St. Marys City Council, Council Chambers, St. Marys City Hall

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
5:30 PM: Draft Zoning Changes
                Before the Planning Commission, Council Chambers, St. Marys City Hall

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
5:30 PM: Draft Zoning Changes Work Session
                Before the Historic Preservation Committee, Council Chambers, St. Marys City Hall

Zoning Changes Draft