2018 Proposed Zoning Ordinance

Proposed Zoning

A revised draft of the zoning ordinance is currently under development.  A current draft copy  and a previous draft copy of this proposed ordinance is available on our document center page.  Additionally a fact sheet has been made available to discuss to help clear up some confusion.

Some changes that have been offered in the proposed ordinance include but are not limited to:

  • Updates as of the June 15, Version
    • Changed Table 4 to stipulate per unit
    • Changed to 900 SF as Minimum Square Footage for Primary Residential Structure in most districts
    • Tabled Oversized Vehicle Parking & Overnight Parking
    • Tabled Outdoor Display & Storage
    • Changed most Interior Side Setbacks to 7.5 feet
    • Changed Table 1 to incorporate Current Districts
    • Clarified language in 7.01 Zoning, Building, Occupancy, Flood Prevention and Historic Preservation Compliance
    • Technical revisions of 8.01 Zoning Decisions, Defined and 8.03 Application Submission Requirements, Zoning Decisions
    • Added clarification to Minimum Required Parking Spaces in Table 6 of Section 6 Parking Standards
    • Added clarification to 1.07 Public Utilities by Right in Districts, for restrictions on placement of structures and vegetation in utility easements
    • Clarified language in Section 6 Parking Standards to address Handicapped Accessible Parking
    • Clarified definitions for Carports, Easements, Freshwater Marshes, Garages, both Commercial and Residential, Lighting
    • Terms, Nonconforming External Uses, Right-of Way (ROW), and Setback Terms, while striking the Saturated Color definition.
  • Updates Prior to June 14, 2018
    • Changing some of the Permitted residential uses in the Downtown Form-Based District to Special Use.
    • Altering most of the Dimensional Standards in the Downtown Form-Based District, including raising building heights by five feet to allow for change in measurement from ground, not BFE.
    • Changing the exception for Civic buildings to a Special Use Permit.
    • Striking all mentions of color standards.
    • Allowing Tiny Houses to be a Principle Structure in R-1, R-2, &R-3.
    • Permitting front-loaded garages to extend beyond front façade.
      Adding a clarification of Oversized Commercial Vehicle, to three axels or more.
    • Banning RVs from overnight stays, except for emergency temporary housing, and only allowing one unscrewed per residence.
    • -Striking language requiring Child Care Day Homes to screen playground equipment.
    • Allowing limited storage of noon-toxic, non-volatile materials as part of Home Occupation.
    • Altered language on Land Disturbance Permitting, to clarify what’s being disturbed.
    • Extended legal non-conforming rights.

Written Public Comment will remain open until 5:00 PM Friday June 8, 2018. Please submit written comments to Morgan Granger at mgranger@stmarysga.gov . Below is the record of written public comment updated weekly. 

Public Comment June 7th, 2018 Compilation

To assist the public, below is a map displaying both versions of the zoning ordinance with a swipe bar to easily switch between the two.