Park Rules

The Big Three
  1. Parents are responsible for supervising their children.  Lifeguards are on duty to enforce rules, prevent accidents, and respond to emergencies - they are not babysitters.
  2. You must be 48" tall to ride the Orange Crush slide (in bare feet).  This is a safety rule designated by the slide manufacturer. Guests riding the Orange Crush slide cannot have any metal, plastic, or other hard embellishments on the back and/or sides of their shorts.  This means rivets, grommets, zippers, buckles, buttons, etc.  These objects scratch the slide coating and may expose fiberglass to riders.
  3. No outside Food or Drink can be brought in to the Park.

General Rules
  • Water attractions are staffed with American Red Cross certified lifeguards--please follow their instructions.
  • Water attractions have height, weight, and physical requirements.  Please be aware of these before participating.
  • No coolers--outside food and drink may not be brought into the park.
  • Use of alcohol and tobacco products is NOT PERMITTED. (including electronic cigarettes.
  • Swim wear is required.  No swimming in street clothes.
  • Swim wear must be appropriate for a family environment.  NO thongs or clothing with suggestive slogans.
  • Changing areas and showers are available.
  • The Aquatic Center may close for inclement weather--admission fees are non-refundable.

For the Kiddies:

  • Swim diapers are required for young children.  No cloth or disposable diapers are allowed in water attractions.
  • Lifejackets are provided free of charge.  Children wearing lifejackets or "swimmies" must be supervised in the water.
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

Rivet Rule:

  • Swim wear with hard plastic or metal embellishments are damaging to our slide--they are not allowed on the Orange Crush Slide.
  • We now have BUNKZ rivet protectors for sale in our store that will protect our slide and your swim suit.

Height Rule:

  • You MUST be 48" tall (in bare feet) to ride the Orange Crush Slide--NO EXCEPTIONS !  It is for your own safety!

Weather Policy:

  • The Aquatic Center reserves the right to close attractions when weather conditions do not permit safe operation of the park.   During storms, all water attractions are closed.  The rest of the park will remain open until the park  either re-opens or closes for the day.  If the water attractions are closed due to weather conditions for one continuous hour, the St. Marys Aquatic Center will close for the remainder of the day and issue rain checks to guests with valid receipts.  All guests with paid receipts/ticket stubs that confirm paid entry less than 2 hours prior to attraction closure will receive a rain check to return any day in the current summer season.  Rain checks will NOT be administered to guests who purchase spectator tickets or tickets after 4 O’clock.


Picture Phones:

  •  Anyone found taking inappropriate pictures inside the facility will be asked to leave the park.
Lost and Found:
  • VALUABLES:  Any valuables found are turned into the front office.  This includes jewelry, money, phones, wallets, etc.  All efforts will be made to locate the owners.
  • CLOTHING:  These items are kept for one week.  If you have lost an item, let us know as soon as possible.  Any unclaimed items will be disposed of.